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I engage in the art of writing as I bear history and ancestral inheritance and strive to imagine a different world. I believe art must celebrate the sacrifices and best of the past while laboring in prophetic hope for an unseen future. This belief draws me to memory, resistance, multi-media art, and spirituality in my work. Having navigated my adolescent years in South Africa as a Third-Culture Kid inspires me to explore the meaning of place, identity, and belonging. As a copyeditor, I am passionate about using language in a responsible way that is life-giving and empowering, especially for marginalized communities.

I am writer and copyeditor raised between Boston, Massachusetts and Johannesburg, South Africa. My work is published or forthcoming in The Curator, Boston Art Review, Good Cop/Bad Cop: An Anthology by FlowerSong Press, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Barista Magazine, Arkansas Review, Sojourners, and elsewhere. My poetry has been exhibited in Boston City Hall and I have participated in Mass Poetry's U35 Reading Series.

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